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Reiki for Pets and Animals

Reiki works not just on human beings, but also works wonderfully with pets. Not only does Reiki reduce their stress/ anxiety, but it also helps them cope better with new environ and heal faster from various physical ailments. Reiki is also tremendoulsy useful for pets that have PTSD or have been traumatised, and can also be helpful in animal rescues and to help find missing pets.

Animals can be healed in-person if you bring them to our place, or through distant healing if you life too far away, or if the ailment requires long-term healing.

Sheetal, based in South Bengaluru offers in-person healing for animals and also Reiki Workshops for pet-parents in collaboration with Ashwita. She is a certified canine trainer and behaviourist and works with animals, frequently volunteering at animal shelters and with rescues and fostering. She lives with her Dalmatian and a Beagle rescued from an animal-testing laboratory, whose trauma she has healed through Reiki.

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