Fee for Reiki Healing?

This has always been a big question in my mind. My teacher had told that Reiki shouldn’t be given free. Still, time and again, this question would pop up in my mind.

One a close friend’s wife came for Reiki healing, which we fixed for 21 days. She told she will give the fee after a week, and I continued sending the distant Reiki healing daily.  After a week, I started developing her symptoms and initially I was at a loss to understand why suddenly I was having that problem in spite of the healthy life style.

Then it struck me! She had not sent me the fee that she had promised. Immediately I phoned her and told that I would continue Reiki healing only after receiving the fee, which she sent.

There is a view point that Reiki is Universal energy and why should one pay for the Universal energy. Reiki is sometimes compared to the oxygen that one breathes from the atmosphere, and it is free. Ok, the point is, oxygen from the atmosphere is free, but if we have to get an oxygen cylinder, will it be free? The Universal energy is all around you, but if some body has to spend time and effort to send specific healing vibrations to you, I think it is justified.

I have come across many Reiki masters who will do Reiki attunement, but will not take up any client for Reiki healing. One of them told me, ‘I completely stopped Reiki healing for others after I suffered severe urinary tract infection during healing a client with the same problem’.

Immediately I asked whether the client had paid for the healing sessions. She told yes. Then it struck me that there are other factors involved too. With experience I understood that if the healer thinks that it is he/she that is doing the healing, there are chances of picking up the symptoms from the client. It is very important to keep aside the ego. Reiki alone is doing the healing; we are just channels for the passage of this wonderful healing energy.

Recently a friend of a relative asked for Reiki healing for 21 days for her eye problem. I felt very delicate to tell about the fee and started the healing, expecting that she will call back to ask about the same. Later when I got a minor eye problem, I knew it was time to stop the healing. Yes, I’m always ready to send healing energy, but it cannot be at the cost of my health!

Dr. Beena Rani Goel learned Reiki in 1997 and it transformed her life. Her desire to share this power of transformation inspired her to build a Reiki community alongside her thriving Dental practice. She has taught thousands of people all over the world. You can buy her book on amazon at http://amazon.com/dp/B01442HDZE/