Importance of Receiving Healing

Just back from a trip, I didn’t have any appointments. I called up my friend as she had promised me a Reiki healing in return for a healing that I had given her.

She started the Reiki session and off I went to a wonderland! By the time she finished the front chakras, I was fast asleep. She gently woke me up to turn over so that she could continue with the back chakras. It has been a long time since I received a Reiki healing. What an amazing and relaxing experience it was!

As a Reiki master, I do my self healing every single day. What was the difference between self healing and receiving a healing, I wondered. Then it occured to me. During self healing, the mind is active. We have the think to change the hands to different chakras when the energy flow drops. The conscious mind is at work.

On the other hand, while receiving a Reiki healing, I could totally let go of myself. The mind was at rest and the subconscious could feel the deeper healing. The totally relaxed state helped to slide into a peaceful sleep.

My friend said that in the beginning she was cold, but by the time she was done with the healing, she was sweating profusely from the heat she felt.

Healing One’s Own Ailment:

Letting go, however, isn’t the only reason why Reiki might not work completely. Often, people find that Reiki works wonderfully when they heal other people, but it is not so effective when they heal themselves. While this could be because Reiki is already doing the best possible, sometimes it is also because we place undue expectations while healing ourselves.

When we heal ourselves, it may be a good idea to look within and check the attitude. Are we healing due to desperation, are we a little obsessed about getting well? Bringing in an acceptance will deepen the healing and make it more effective.

Group Healings

As Reiki healers, it makes sense to get together once in a while and heal each other, or have a group healing. It raises the vibrations not only of the participants, but also of the locality where it happens. Also, meeting up and talking things through with each other might help us see through the mistakes we have been making.

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