Loving Yourself

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Loving Yourself

I came across a question on orkut the other day, where this guy asked a simple question – How can we love ourselves? And as I replied to him, I realised that my answer started looking more like an essay. Since it was a general question, I felt it would probably be helpful to others asking the same question. So, I reproduce my response here with a few minor changes.

Loving yourself is easier said than done, just like most things worth doing. Let us understand it with a comparison……. Click here to read the full article


Meditating on Silence

Let us all meditate on the silence within, on 18th October 2009, Sunday at 6:00 PM. Please keep a reminder in your cellphone to ensure you remember. It doesn’t matter if you’re in your house or outside, atleast spend a few moments in contemplation.

To meditate on silence, bring your entire focus within your body. You could also focus on your breath and watch as it goes in and out, touching the center of your body inside. It is alright if you find thoughts coming and going. Don’t fight them, merely watch them and let them go. The environment doesn’t necessarily have to be silent for you to do this, you just have to focus on the silence present in between the noise. Please call me if you need more detail on what to do and how.

We might just consider meeting up at our house for this meditation, so let us know if you are interested in dropping by.

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1 Nov 2009, Sunday
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24 Oct 2009, Saturday
21 Nov 2009, Saturday

Past Life Regression
7 Nov 2009, Saturday

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