On a Spiritual Quest

ARTH Update:

We have reached yet another milestone. On this weekend, we crossed 500 attunements!

We would like to take this opportunity to thank and congratulate everyone who has been a part of our journey and given us a chance to be part of their lives. A celebration is due ofcourse, and will probably happen in April. We shall update you about it in the next mail.

Article of the Month:

On a Spiritual Quest

Many students have been asking me to teach them various things lately. This is an article dedicated to every Reiki channel who is attracted to various modalities of healing and sensitized perception

Full Moon Meditation

Let us all meditate on 28th February, Sunday Morning, at 10AM, and pray for world peace and universal love.

Meditating on the moon followed by half an hour of silence will enhance the mind’s alertness and increase creativity. People also find that they develop better self-awareness and feel the ability to listen to their minds, achieving complete body-mind oneness.

Assisting During a Class

We have had a few students asking us lately whether they could come and assist us for a class. This is welcome indeed, as we now often have a higher number of students per class, and if you wish to refresh your theory and at the same time help us with the little things during the class, please feel free to check with us. As long as you have learned Reiki 1 with us, you are free to assist us during the Reiki 1 class, there are no other restrictions.

Upcoming Classes

Reiki I
20 February 2010, Saturday
6 March 2010, Saturday
20 March 2010, Saturday

Reiki II
28 February 2010, Sunday

Author of ‘Healing Through Reiki’, Ashwita learned Reiki in 1997, and started teaching it in 2006. She now incorporates other forms of energy healing, as well as hypnotherapy and past life therapy in her work. In her free time, she enjoys cooking, crafts, reading and painting.

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