Q&A: Healing for Calamities vs. Individuals

When you are sending Reiki to people who are hit by floods or any natural calamity why is that fine ,why can’t we send Reiki to a individual without his/her permission?

Because when a calamity happens, there is a severe dearth of energy in that location, and the earth is also trying to help – even the angels all rush there to help.

When we send Reiki, we add to the force that is trying to bring people back to normal, and Reiki flows to everyone who is actively praying for help daily. When it comes to individuals, we want to really just send Reiki to fix them and not to genuinely help – if they truly needed our help, they would have consented anyway, otherwise why worry about lack of consent, right?

Isn’t the natural calamity caused by earth itself, and don’t the angels know that this is going to happen before it happens?

Do you think the earth would deliberately hurt itself? Would you deliberately hurt yourself? If you did, that would be a state of extreme mental imbalance.

The earth is also in a great deal of imbalance, although we cannot truly say whether this is just disease, or whether the earth is hurting itself – I doubt the latter, but we never know. In my eyes the earth has cancer – human beings being the cancer, spreading into the whole organism and killing everything else, imagining that they are superior to all the other ‘organs’ and can manipulate the other parts of this being as and when they please. (For more info please read Are You Cancer? )

Of course the angels often know and already do their very best to make it as mild as possible, but there is only so much one can do when the system is so diseased.


Author of ‘Healing Through Reiki’, Ashwita learned Reiki in 1997, and started teaching it in 2006. She now incorporates other forms of energy healing, as well as hypnotherapy and past life therapy in her work. In her free time, she enjoys cooking, crafts, reading and painting.

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