Reiki Not Working? Here’s Why

Energy is like water, it needs to keep moving to be healthy. A regular Reiki practice ensures just that.

Energy is like water, it needs to keep moving to be healthy. A regular Reiki practice ensures just that.

Absolutely any problem in our lives, whether physical, mental or emotional, are preceded and accompanied by energy blocks. Given this fact, it is only obvious that learning and practicing Reiki regularly will smooth out hitches, and bring the ease back into our lives. But that is not always what people experience. Here is what could be going wrong if you’ve been practicing Reiki regularly, and still experiencing no benefits.

Is your practice good enough?

I have found that the most common factor among people who complain that Reiki isn’t working, is the lack of a proper practice. Many people tend to do just a few chakras, for just a few minutes everyday. We accumulate toxic energies everyday, and this is the cause of our problems. If we don’t properly clear the toxins we pick up everyday, then it builds up over time and we are hardly going to see any benefit. A minimum of 30 minutes of Reiki practice is a must. Click here to see the step-by-step process of daily Reiki self healing. If it is a physical problem you are trying to heal, then remember to check if you are spending enough time in lower chakras – as those need much more healing than the upper ones usually.

The seven chakras need to be healed in the front as well as the back, for at least a total of 30 minutes everyday, simply to clean the system up. If we want to make progress in our lives, then we need to spend more time healing ourselves. 30 minutes of Reiki in the morning and 30 minutes of Reiki in the evening will bring great stability and faster healing, for anyone who is willing to invest the time. There are no shortcuts – if you compromise on your practice, life will compromise on the results.

Is it a problem or a challenge?

If your Reiki practice is robust and regular and if problems are still persisting, it is important to ask if it is a problem or a challenge you are trying to heal.

Problems are what we create through resistance to life, and Reiki eliminates these very rapidly. For example, one might be having a problem with one’s boss, because of ego or insecurity issues. Regular healing will bring about changes in the personality, and soon this relationship will heal and thrive.

A challenge, on the other hand, is a difficulty presented to us by life to help us grow and expand. Reiki helps smooth out things as much as possible in such cases, but chances are rare that it will ‘fix’ the problem. Things become very hard when we remain adamant that the problem should go away, instead of focusing on the lessons we need to learn from it.

If we practice our Reiki self-healing with a request that Reiki show us the right way and give us all the strength we need, and alongside that if we repeatedly ask ourselves, ‘what is life trying to teach me here?’ we will find ourselves cruising forward and resolving the problem much faster than anyone else would have. However, if we keep waiting for Reiki to solve our problem, experimenting with different modalities of healing, trying to see what will work, it will get us nowhere, and life will usually make the problem more serious so that we turn out attention to learning our lessons.

Are you giving it time?

Every problem has a curve, where it starts, intensifies, and then subsides. If we have started healing our problem before the peak has reached, problems can seem to worsen or seem to remain unchanged for while when we heal.

I remember healing a friend a couple of times, where her problem intensified significantly every time I healed. As it was a close relationship, and I wasn’t being consulted in my professional capacity, I backed out and let her handle it by herself – it is not always easy to explain to people why they feel worse after a session. Eventually, her problem healed nearly two years after I had given her the healings.

Now, just imagine how it would have looked if we were working through the problem with Reiki. For at least two to three months, it is likely that her problem would have aggravated, and all the Reiki we sent would seemingly have had no impact. But really, it would be resolving a two year issue in a few months. These are lessons we learn only with experience and observation – but to the best of your capacity, when Reiki seems to be failing, just have faith, and keep the practice going.

Author of ‘Healing Through Reiki’, Ashwita learned Reiki in 1997, and started teaching it in 2006. She now incorporates other forms of energy healing, as well as hypnotherapy and past life therapy in her work. In her free time, she enjoys cooking, crafts, reading and painting.

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