Solar Eclipse on March 20

It is time to let go and fly, this March

It is time to let go and fly, this March

What a special solar eclipse this March. It coincides with the spring equinox. As if that wasn’t enough, this is also a super moon, which means that the moon will be very close to the earth. It will be visible primarily from North Europe. Clearly visible in Norway, the partial eclipse will be visible from the rest of Europe and north Asia. The last total solar eclipse on the spring equinox, was in 1681.

I don’t have to say that this eclipse will have a significant impact – it is obvious. Put it together with the fact that we have a lunar eclipse on 4th of April, and you have a very potent few weeks. If you’ve been longing for a shift, this is time to give it the whole arm.

I found a beautiful article that explains the astrological significance of the solar eclipse coming up on the 20th of March. A new moon is a time for new beginnings. And Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac, signifying the end. This new moon occurs not just in Pisces, but at the very last degree of the sign. The very end. Put the two together, and it tells you that it is time for a fresh start, by letting go of something. Every word in the article is valuable, and I strongly recommend reading it.

To put it in short, this is a very powerful time to let go of things that have been holding you back. Given that the astrological positions present challenges in this regard, and that there is a tendency to slip up and make mistakes, it is even more important to remain in a meditative space as much as possible.

The first sunrise and sunset after the full moon is a wonderful time to start with this process. In Bangalore, these times would be 6:36 and 18:25 respectively. To spend a few minutes during one of these, imagining and the aura is softening up and releasing all that is pulling you down, is a wonderful idea. Here’s a full moon meditation you could also do.

Incidentally, we are having a meditation classes this weekend. (I didn’t know of the eclipse when I scheduled it) Given that it is on the waning phase of the moon, it is the best way of letting go of things not needed anymore.

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