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Better Health with Reiki

"He who has health has hope; and he who has hope has everything"
                      - Arabian Proverb

Today unfortunately, good health is rare, possessed only by a select few. These select few are not lucky people, or those born with great health in their genes. They are merely people who choose to prioritize their health above all else – because after all, why do we struggle so hard in life? To be happy – and happiness begins with good health!

A man too busy to take care of his health is like a mechanic too busy to take care of his tools. Good health requires a fair amount of dedication and hard work. However, with Reiki, this work is made easier, and taking care of one’s health becomes less arduous. How, you ask? Simple.

How does one ruin his health? Obviously, one of the biggest factors is stress, and we’ve already discussed how Reiki helps reduce and eliminate stress. Next, one reads everywhere today, is sedentary lifestyles and bad food habits. Our hectic schedules leave little time and energy for any exercise.

While not much can be done with respect to time (although we do observe that Reiki improves your efficiency, which will lead you to finish your work better and faster, thereby leaving you with more time on your hands), Reiki certainly helps on the fatigue front. Reiki energizes and revitalizes you, helping you sustain a physically as well as a mentally active lifestyle.

As for food, Reiki revolves around the principle of getting back in touch with one’s inner self. What this does, is it gets you in touch with your body’s needs, which means you will tend to eat healthier and lesser. This obviously means you will tend to look for healthier foods and avoid the deep fried, fast food varieties, simply because you will find healthy food more fulfilling. In the same manner, one also eventually gives up smoking and drinking if one is willing to give it up.

This may sound too good to be true, but it is not. Junk foods are good to taste, but terrible for health, and one can only eat it if one is completely out of touch with his body. Unfortunately, this is the state most of us are in today. With the help of Reiki, we can gradually re-establish that connection, so that it is easier for us to do what is good for our body.

Apart from helping us do our bit towards our health, Reiki improves our immune system. This helps us minimize any sickness, and when we do fall sick, Reiki also reduces the side-effects of medicines. Reiki has been shown to be very effective in minimizing the damaging effects of chemotherapy in cancer patients. For minor ailments, one can often avoid medicines completely thanks to the healing effects of Reiki. In other cases, Reiki accelerates healing and minimizes recovery time. Reiki has been found tremendously effective in healing fractures and dislocations once the cast has been put.

These are just a few examples of how Reiki can help improve our health. Scientific studies are increasingly showing the effectiveness of Reiki in treating and managing various ailments, but they are still in the initial stages as research on Reiki is very young. Nevertheless, why wait for science to endorse it when you can experience it first hand and decide for yourself? Learn Reiki today and change your life!

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