Healing Through Reiki

Healing Through Reiki is a book meant not only for those starting out on their Reiki journey, but also for experienced healers who are looking for a handbook and extra guidance. It explains the concepts in a simple yet concise manner, and also talks about the deeper aspects of healing.

The book starts with an easy to understand introduction to Reiki, and then moves on to the principles of Reiki as well as energy healing. Included in the book are the detailed steps and pictorial representation of the process to heal oneself and others.

If you are looking to heal from a physical, emotional, mental or spiritual problem and are hoping for Reiki to help you out, this book is meant for you.

About the authors:

Dr. Beena Rani Goel is a renowned endodontist and a Reiki teacher. After three decades of dentistry and witnessing many cases of allergic reactions and side effects of allopathic medicines, she ventured into Reiki in search of a holistic healing method. After witnessing the total transformation of life with regular practice of Reiki, she wants to help others who want to follow the path.

Ashwita Goel learned meditation as a child, and took to Reiki as a teen, easily integrating compassion and healing with her life. She realized her calling after a short stint as a software engineer and took up Reiki professionally in 2007. She uses Reiki and other forms of energy healing, along with hypnotherapy and past life therapy to help and heal people.



This provides amazing reference and guidance
By Prachi on 2 May 2015
This thin book squeezes Reiki essence and essentials in a very interesting way. It tells the reader on how to go about healing through Reiki. Whenever I feel out of touch, this provides amazing reference and guidance.

Really great experience
By Pankaj Verma on 16 October 2015
knowledge of emotion and illness is precious and chakra knowledge is also great to read…..Reiki has really great effect on body, inspired to learn the techniques…

Five Stars
By Ramesh Kabadia on 2 June 2015
If Reiki book is what you are looking for, this is the Best

Five Stars
By Sindhura Raj on 4 May 2015
Great book. Explained very well about what Reiki is, how to practice it, self healing and healing others.

This book is a gem
By Yasmine on 19 October 2015
This book is a gem that will lead you to the spiritual treasure of Reiki. A practical guide that will help you connect mind, body, and spirit. A must read..!

I highly recommend
By Anuradha Bajpai on October 29, 2015
This book has been my guide of practicing Reiki in last 6 years. This book addresses very basic questions of how to practice Reiki and dives you deep into how it can heal various emotions and health issues. I received this book from my Reiki Master Ashwita, 6 years back and since then this has been my guide for healing myself and people around me. There are many ways of following Reiki and I am not sure what is right and what is not but one thing I know with my personal experience is that methods written in this book WORKS and works so powerfully that I and people whom I heal can feel the energy. Hailing from India and living in the USA, I know there is something magical about India which attracts many spiritual seekers from around the world. But there are very very few real GURUs who can answer those queries and have the ability to really guide. I haven’t got an opportunity to meet the author of this book but Ashwita, my Reiki master and who referred me this book is one of those very few shining stars in India who can really guide in the right path and has that holistic knowledge about spiritualism.

By Aditya on October 29, 2015
REIKI is a real gift to oneself which helps in all aspects of life and this book sublimely illustrates the healing methodology. I would highly recommend this book for everyone to give it a try and see yourself for all the benefits REIKI has to offer :) :)

Good book to read and enhance your life with positive …
By Parag More on October 29, 2015
Good book to read and enhance your life with positive energy of Reiki. Truly experience your energy. Best luck on book. Love to read more upcoming books :)


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  1. Moumita Rudra at ·

    This is a lovely book with every possible detailed on Reiki which a beginner needs. This book will help every beginner to understanding the basics of Reiki. Every hand position and process are well illustrated for better understanding.

    I use this book as a ready reckoner :)

  2. Ramki at ·

    Amazing Book …Ashmita..This book plus the course with you has taken me closer to the Divine..

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