Group Healing: Report & Photos

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We have been seeing cancer patients lately, and I felt this was the need of the hour. Our lifestyles are getting unhealthier by the day, and undoubtedly this leads to a larger occurance of bigger and scarier diseases. Cancer is just one of them. Apart from being a massive drain on the family finances, the standard treatment chemotherapy, is also a big drain on health, with no guarantees to a better health or an extended life. It is time we tried to understand a little more about cancer and chemotherapy.

Group Healing: A Big Success!

The group healing conducted on 15th March 2009 was attended by almost 40 people, more than we had expected. There were reiki channels, both new and experienced, and also others who knew nothing about reiki but wanted to experience it.

Many reiki healers stayed throughout the day, healing people one after the other and finally getting a much sought reiki healing themselves. Atleast 3 people healed each person, at times even 5.

I request those who attended to please send us their comments and feedback about the session, for uploading on our website.

Having fun at the end of the day More photos at

We started off with a group meditation, followed by experience sharing where all the reiki channels introduced themselves and shared some of the interesting experiences they’d had with reiki. After this, we started with the group healing, with 3, 4 or 5 channels healing every person.

After a nice lunch break, concluded with the ultra-soft rasgullas brought by Nidhi, it was back to group healing with gusto! More people joined us after lunch, so we had another short experience sharing session along with a group intention healing session where we healed global as well as personal issues together. Finally, everyone just got together for some fun and photographs.

That marked the end of the day, and some stayed back to help us pack up. I’d specially like to thank all the guys who helped with the lunch and those who stayed back to help, you were a boon! I must also thank Mrs. Diksha Dhir for allowing us to conduct the group healing in her hall, it was mighty sweet of her!

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