Happy New 2014!

Tiruvannamalai always looks beautiful in December. Here’s a picture of what the morning looked like on the eve of the new year.

As usual, Jacqueline shared her insights with us about what the year is going to be like. 2013 was a dream, smooth sailing, and I hoped to hear that things were only going to get better from now. Well… they are, but not in a pleasant way. This year seems slated to yank us out of our unconsciousness. Not pleasant, ofcourse, but very very essential. Here I reproduce from her email summarizing what she spoke about.


“We wish you all a blessed New Year. During our New Year celebration I talked as usual about the planetary horoscope for 2014. Looks like a challenging year ahead and I actually gave this year’s horoscope the title: Uranus and Pluto’s Grand Finale!

These two planets – very active at the time the punk generation was born – are now clashing in the heavens for the last time. Awakenings and deep transformations are happening but not smoothly – they are happening violently. We see the violence erupting all over the world – on the battlefields and on the streets.

This combination of planets also brings earthquakes, volcanic eruptions etc etc.Uranus governs systems busters and whistleblowers. Without them it would be difficult to bring the changes we need on this planet.

Most man made systems – especially the economic system – were not built by an enlightened intelligence and they simply have to go if we are to build a more enlightened society. I see in the horoscope both a challenging invitation and a demand that we do something about the economic system. I also see an aspect to help transform the greed of ownership into a collective awareness of stewardship. With such awareness we can begin to put aside vested interests and really take care of this planet.

The horoscope this year is probably the most challenging I have ever seen. However there are some very bright spots too: Jupiter’s position shows we have a chance to put people with big hearts and enlightened minds into power. There is also an aspect denoting unusual breakthroughs and absolute genius in the area of relationships and creativity. Here I am referring not only to relationships in this dimension but also inter-dimensional.

I see that Saturn, Venus and Neptune are standing free from challenging aspects this year. Perhaps it will be easier for people to see it is our duty – and in our best interests – to practice right relationships and unconditional love. Many speak today about oneness – perhaps Neptune will make it easier to live from an understanding of oneness.”

I remember that she also mentioned that Mercury, the planet for communication, does not have any favourable aspects this year. This means that communication will be challenging in almost all areas, and it is very important for us to remember that what we are hearing might not be what the other person is trying to say. It is essential to listen with our hearts, placing our egos aside.

I also remember her talking about this year being quite strongly cardinal feminine. This means this year will involve plenty of action, but action with awareness. I think that is great news. Many of you might be seeing this already, since the effects have been there since December. A regular spiritual practice will go a long way in helping us remain steady.

I liked what she said when I asked her what the important thing to remember is, and I will close with that. She said – remember that it is ok to freak out, it is ok to wish none of this ever happened. These feelings are not you, either, and it is just a part of the process.

On that note, may this year bring you closer to the truth, or even better, take you all the way.
Happy New Year!

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“The heart is an organ or perception. It is electromagnetic, neural and hormonal. The heart’s electromagnetic field is five thousand times stronger than the brain’s electromagnetic field. Fifty percent of heart cells are neural and form their own neural network, the intelligence of the heart.
The POWER of The Human HEART!

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