How to be a Good Reiki Healer

Reiki is one of the simplest methods available in the modern society, to rid oneself of physical, mental, emotional and other ailments. But there is one important aspect to it – it needs regular practice. No matter how many levels you have learned, you cannot be a very effective healer unless your daily practice is robust.

The Importance of Daily Practice

Many seem to have a notion that the attunement is a very powerful thing and removes all blocks. This is not true. All the attunement does, is reestablish your connection to the source. If you don’t practice regularly, this connection eventually fades off. Some teachers believe that once a person is attuned to Reiki, he or she is attuned for life. This has not been my experience, because we are born with a very strong connection to the source, and we lose even that. My understanding was further reinforced when I learned that Mikao Usui also used to encourage multiple attunements.

Nothing is permanent in this world, and definitely not something as subtle as an attunement. Some people do retain this connection to some extent, and are able to heal others through touch without having learned Reiki. This is quite normal, and I believe learning Reiki would still benefit such people as it provides a structure to work with.

In my experience, a daily self healing practice of at least 30-40 minutes is a must. If you’ve had a difficult day, it is even more important to practice Reiki, and I suggest staggering the self healing into multiple parts, and doing a few chakras at a time throughout the day, to compensate for the lack of time.

Keep the Focus on Yourself

Reiki makes life a lot easier, but one place where people can falter is trying to fix others through Reiki. The external is nothing but a reflection of your inner self. If you have a problem, ask Reiki to help you heal so that you can learn the lesson that life is trying to teach you. If your main focus is on trying to fix the problem, you could practice Reiki for years and yet fail to learn some of the basic spiritual lessons that Reiki has to offer.

Every life experience is here to help you grow. If your focus is on trying to climb out of every challenge that life throws at you, you remain stunted. No matter what happens in life, ask ‘what is Reiki trying to teach me?’ before you ask Reiki to do what you think needs to be done.

Heal the World

Heal the Earth and all it’s inhabitants regularly. You can do this even if you are a level 1 healer. Just pick a stone to represent the earth, mentally request it to send all this energy to the whole earth, place it between your palms and heal it everyday. Even better if the stone is from a forest or village.

Healing the world not only benefits the world you live in, it also directly benefits you. Since the earth pulls in a lot of energy, it widens your channel and keeps it clean. You receive plenty of healing yourself when you heal the world.

Author of ‘Healing Through Reiki’, Ashwita learned Reiki in 1997, and started teaching it in 2006. She now incorporates other forms of energy healing, as well as hypnotherapy and past life therapy in her work. In her free time, she enjoys cooking, crafts, reading and painting.

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