Quick Reiki for Children

Madonna and Child by Pompeo Batoni

Madonna and Child by Pompeo Batoni

Many mothers find it difficult to heal their little ones, as they tend to be fidgety or run about too much. Here’s a quick way of healing your baby while doing your Reiki self healing.

Although the baby’s umbilical cord is cut after the birth, the ethereal cord always exists, connecting mother and child energetically. So a mother’s thoughts always have an impact on the child, no matter what the age.

All of us are connected to the Universal energy at birth, and it remains totally open till the age of seven. So we don’t attune children below 7 years of age to Reiki, but children gravitate towards the process of self healing if they see their mothers take it seriously. Let your child sit with you and imitate your self healing positions whenever it is interested.

A child’s karmic file opens at the age of eight. Then onward he/she is a separate, unique individual. So, as the mother, till your child is 7 years, it is very easy to give Reiki.

What to do

  • When you are doing self Reiki healing, after you finish passing Reiki to the Solar plexus (Manipura) chakra, just take the cupped right hand to the Hara (Swadhishtana) chakra, leaving the left hand at the Solar plexus chakra.
  • Imagine the child connected to you through the ethereal umbilical cord and pass on Reiki healing to the child for 5- 10 minutes, then state any intentions that you would like for the child.
  • Now move the left hand from the Solar plexus chakra to the right hand at the Hara chakra, and continue your self Reiki healing.
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