Can I Learn All Reiki Levels Together?

No matter how much fertilizer you use, a seed cannot become a tree in a week.

No matter how much fertilizer you use, a seed cannot become a tree in a week.

I frequently receive phone calls that go along these lines.

Client: I want to learn Reiki II

Me: When did you learn Reiki I?

Client: It was about two years ago.

Me: So, are you practicing Reiki healing daily?

Client: No, I stopped long back.

I come across many Reiki channels who stop Reiki healing practice and suddenly one day when they want to get back to Reiki, they want to start at the next level. Usually, my advice in such a case, is to ask the person to practice Reiki everyday for the next three months and then get back to me for the next level. The response to such a suggestion is almost always the same. “Will my Reiki still be working?”. I am always surprised how people felt they would benefit from a level 2 when they weren’t even sure if Reiki was still flowing – and this is where I find the largest gap between common knowledge and reality.

Reiki practice is like growing a tree. You can get attuned, which is like planting a sapling, but that is not enough. The little sapling needs to be watered, with extra care the first few weeks, which is why the stress on the first 21 days of practice. Then, when the next round of leaves is about to sprout, a round of fertilizers – the level 2 attunement, is very helpful. One can add all the fertilizers when the seed is being planted, but that is hardly going to be of any use, if not increasing the risk of burning the seed up. When the tree is big enough, it needs a round of pruning, level 3. When it is ready to flower, another round of fertilizers, and when it is ready to bring fruits and create more trees, one is finally ready to take the leap to become a Reiki Master, or Grandmaster as many refer to it.

There are no shortcuts.

There are no shortcuts.

Just as the more diligently one waters the plant, the healthier and more lively it will be, a regular Reiki practice will ensure a smooth flow of energy in the body. Occasional weeding – i.e., meditation, will bring further health to the entire process. Stop the practice, and the plant dies. There’s no two ways about that.

Only once was I forced to give Reiki II attunement before the stipulated time we usually advice (three months) after Reiki I attunement. The person in question was very close to me and my arguments couldn’t dissuade her. Reiki I is more of physical healing in the early stages, which is a pleasant experience. Reiki II is emotional healing and many suppressed emotions came up to get healed and it was very overwhelming for her to handle as her energy stream was not strengthened. Similar to too much fertilizer burning the seed, isn’t it?

In the routine learning process, one takes about 16 years to become a graduate. When it comes to spiritual learning however, people want to reach the top in a jiffy. It doesn’t happen. Moreover, it can have a damaging effect. When we learn multiple levels at a go, Reiki I and II, or Reiki I, II and III, it is not of much use, except the monetary benefit for the Reiki master.

It takes time after each level, with daily healing practice, to dissolve energy blocks that we have accumulated over many years and many incarnations, and open up the channels to be ready to handle higher amount of energy during the next higher level attunement. You can’t force open a bud and expect it will have the beauty and fragrance of a naturally blooming (which takes more time) flower. We can’t rush through in Reiki levels; it will just defeat the purpose.

Dr. Beena Rani Goel learned Reiki in 1997 and it transformed her life. Her desire to share this power of transformation inspired her to build a Reiki community alongside her thriving Dental practice. She has taught thousands of people all over the world. You can buy her book on amazon at