Which Reiki is the Best?

Reiki is like water. You can filter it a bit, add some minerals and call it Aquafina, Bisleri or Kinley, but ultimately what quenches your thirst is the water.

Reiki is like water. You can filter it a bit, add some minerals and call it Aquafina, Bisleri or Kinley, but ultimately what quenches your thirst is just the water.

When I learned Reiki in 1998, there was mostly just one Reiki. And why not, after all, ‘Rei’-‘ki’ translates to ‘universal energy’. How many universal energies can there be? However, as it turns out, Reiki enhances the intuitive abilities of most channels as well, and as this was quite new for many, people went and created their own systems of healing.

There are many, many types of Reiki one can learn today. Radiance Reiki and Jikkiden Reiki, both claim to be the original Reiki (although till date, detailed information about how Mikao Usui taught, remains unclear, and every teacher in the lineage seems to have altered the system to more effectively deliver it). Many others have created a completely different brand of Reiki, mixing it up with various intentions. I remember having heard of Lakshmi Reiki to attract more money, soulmate Reiki, erotic Reiki with a dash of tantra, and karmic Reiki to heal karmic issues. Then there are those who have mixed in other elements and created crystal Reiki, angelic Reiki, Seikhm Reiki, kundalini Reiki, etc. This is just a short list, there are apparently over a 1000 different types of Reiki.

So, what’s going on?

There is only one Reiki

No, I’m not saying that mine is the best and this is the one you should learn. What I do believe, is that there cannot be variations of the whole. Reiki is that. When one learns and practices Reiki properly, one slowly gains access to the universal field. Now exactly how this person accesses this field, and exactly how this field acts through them, varies from person to person. And that is why when we investigate the Japanese lineage of Reiki, we find that every teacher teaches differently. Mikao Usui himself changed the way he taught people, over the years, even changing the number of levels he taught. After her death, it was found that Hawayo Takata taught all her students different things and in different ways – I think it is fair to assume most of her classes were intuitively guided, unless we decide to call her a con.

It isn’t about the technique

Anyone who has really experienced the magic of Reiki knows this – it’s not about the technique. There are many, many instances where a mere thought can make miracles happen. So while people are running around to find out what the most effective technique of Reiki is, picture this – the best way of doing Reiki, is the way YOU would do it. But this you can only find out if you spend time surrendering to Reiki.

If one is too busy learning one technique after another, you’re wasting energy in a chase – and the whole point of spiritual growth is to let go of the chase. Many of us have just replaced the chase after that promotion, that new car, the new house, another vacation, with a new spiritual technique. It is very tempting to learn one technique after another, allowing the ego to feel that improvement is happening, but that is a lie. You cannot be chasing and letting go at the same time. The only way inwards is to, well, bring your focus inwards. And simple, regular Reiki practice is enough for that.

What about the intent-oriented Reiki?

Of course, if it is not spiritual growth that you seek, but are looking to enhance your relationships or your bank balance, there are some types of Reiki that might be interesting. To me, it is like buying a house and then living in one room, but then these are all part of the spiritual journey anyway. Some day, one discovers that there are other rooms too.

You always get the teacher you need

Which is the best form of Reiki for you? The one you learn. Reiki takes care of it like that. Those who contact me for help on how to select a teacher, hear among other things, that they should surrender to Reiki and ask for help. It makes it easier to find a good teacher. It is not the technique, but the size of the heart that matters, and a good teacher can make a big difference, irrespective of the method. Having said that, every teacher is capable of making an impact on a certain spectrum of people, and there’s one that can change your life. That teacher is not the best teacher in the world, he/she is simply the best teacher for you.

It all comes down to surrender

I’ve said repeatedly that surrender is a very important aspect of Reiki. Why wait until you learn Reiki, before you surrender? Surrender already, and Reiki will take care of the rest, for you. If you can surrender very deeply, whatever method you learn, one is enough. Ultimately, it is daily practice that will really take you further, even though it might seem like you’re almost not moving forward, sometimes. If it is too hard to surrender, chase along a bit, and you’ll slow down once you learn some deeper lessons.

Author of ‘Healing Through Reiki’, Ashwita learned Reiki in 1997, and started teaching it in 2006. She now incorporates other forms of energy healing, as well as hypnotherapy and past life therapy in her work. In her free time, she enjoys cooking, crafts, reading and painting.

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