Clearing Rooms & Houses

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The place you live in is not just a few walls, but a live, breathing space. Walls soak up the energies of the people staying the house. If you have been depressed for a while, or if the house has been vacant for a few months, the house has most likely picked up unpleasant energies and needs a good cleansing to be able to nurture and foster the ones living inside it.

Before you try to cleanse your house, make sure it will be able to release baggage as well as hold the energies after the healing – Read this article for more information.


Ultimately, it is only balanced energies that remain stable and steady. Although we tend to be biased towards positive energy as a society, too much positive energy becomes unstable and creates problems in physical as well we mental health. Therefore, my preferred method is to simply request Reiki for a balance, but I’ve included methods to cleanse negative energies as well, just in case it resonates with you, or if the energies you’re working with are too intense.


  • Start cleansing from the end of the house farthest from your main door. If you have learned level 2, you can visualise all the symbols on every wall, starting from the wall opposite the door of the room, on all the other walls, ceiling and floor. If you are a level 1 channel, you can place your hands on each wall and charge it with Reiki.
  • Make slow, sweeping movements with your hands, as if you are moving the energy towards the door.
  • Shut the door, if there is one, once the room is clear. If you’re a level 2 channel, seal the door with the power symbol.
  • Repeat for all rooms, ending with the main door.
  • Follow this up with balancing for best results.


  • Stand in the center of the room, arms spread out and looking upwards. Imagine a huge beam of light coming in through the ceiling, and filling up the whole room. In this case we don’t try to remove any negative energy, we merely ask the universe to balance it, and take any excess energies to where-ever it is required. This step is all that is required if you are working with mildly negative energies.
  • Reiki Shower: Imagine a shower head on the ceiling, in the center of the room. Draw all the symbols, and request this imaginary shower head to bring divine light into the room and balance all energies. Then imagine that you turn the shower on, and it sprinkles light and energy all over the room and into every corner, bringing all energies into balance.


The Rock Salt Cleanse 

Sometimes it seems that the energies in the house are too dense and heavy. In this case, a rock salt cleanse or an Agnihotra is a great idea.

  • To cleanse with rock salt, place rock salt in little heaps or inside glass bowls, in the center of every room at sunset. Place a small candle/ lamp and a small bowl of water next to the salt. (These are optional, even just the rock salt, or rock salt and lamp are fine)
  • Leave it this way overnight, and clean it up in the morning, preferably just before sunrise, or first thing after you wake up.
  • Swab the floor with Reiki charged water with a dash of vinegar.
  • If you like, you could smudge the house with sage or incense. You could even burn camphor and take that around the house. Placing a few flowers in a bowl of water will also bring life and a vibrant energy into the house.

When is it appropriate?

  • If you live in the cities, cleansing your home energetically once in a couple of weeks or once in a month, is enough. Less frequently is fine, if you live in a village. Cleanse your home with rock salt every once in six months.
  • If someone in the house is very ill, then it helps to cleanse with rock salt every week, and energetically every day.
  • When the family is going through a difficult phase, if one or more people have depression or anger issues, cleanse everyday energetically, and with rock salt every once in a few months.
  • If you have guests staying with you for a few days, cleanse with rock salt after they leave.

Update: We also recommend the Agnihotra for cleansing. Read more about it here. Agnihotra: Magic Cleansing

Author of ‘Healing Through Reiki’, Ashwita learned Reiki in 1997, and started teaching it in 2006. She now incorporates other forms of energy healing, as well as hypnotherapy and past life therapy in her work. In her free time, she enjoys cooking, crafts, reading and painting.

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