II – Listening to the Angels

… Continued from Communicating with Angels – I

Are you really listening?

While it is fairly easy to learn communicating with angels, we need to start by getting our basics right – how good are we at listening? If you tend to hear ‘no no, that is not what I meant’ from people, that is a clear sign you have the tendency to listen with your filters on. When we cannot ‘listen’ to what is falling in our ears, how will we really listen to vague messages from dimensions we barely have access to? We don’t. Many of these messages are related to core issues in our lives, and the messages might conflict with our identities. If we haven’t learned to truly listen, we will miss the central point of the message.

One client recently told me that she saw Sai baba in her dreams, and that he would find the perfect job for her. She was very happy. It was on being prodded that she revealed his exact words ‘I will find you a job’. No where does he mention perfect. Because there is no such thing. But we project our divinity onto these unseen beings, and interpret their words in ways that satisfy that image.

What are you using their help for?

When you have lost all hope, when you are crumbling, is when the angels often intervene, because that may be essential to lifting you up from the hole you’ve worked yourself into. But most people just ‘use’ the angels, without really taking their help. Here’s an example.

One healer recently shared that her cards repeatedly told her she would get married soon, and she was confused why this wasn’t happening. She kept checking the cards again and again, had her other friends see the cards for her, and they said similar things. Then, she asked, why wasn’t anything moving forward?

Because this is the wrong question. People very frequently want angelic guidance to help make decisions, or to find out what the future holds for them. If we take such help for the lessons life is trying to teach us, we will simply have to learn them again. The whole point of a difficult life experience is to help us learn a new lesson! Of course it is not going to be easy, and it will challenge us in ways we have never been challenged before. If we instead, sought help to embrace the current situation more completely, and insights into aspects of ourselves which we are refusing to acknowledge, then we would really be getting somewhere.

If you seek the help of angels, ask them to help you accept the present moment – because that is what they are really here to help you with.

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