Finding the Right Guru

Finding the Right Guru

Who am I? What am I here for?

We know already, that spiritual progress usually starts with asking questions which do not seem to have easy or clear answers. Questions, for which we seek answers by running pillar to post, asking people whom we think to be wise or great. But does it work?

I recently interacted with someone who directed me to some ashram, along with the words ‘Salvation is not possible without a guru’. This is the saddest misconception in spirituality….. Read More

Event Updates:

Reiki 2 + PLR Weekend

It was an idea that just materialised when like-minded people came together. We combined Reiki, PLR (Past Life Regression) and a weekend getaway, and found that it made a great combination.

We conducted a Reiki 2 + Past Life Regression Therapy course this weekend at a nearby ashram on the outskirts of Bangalore. We drove to the resort on 17th morning, and returned home by 6pm on 18th. Reiki attunements, group self-healing practices, meditations and group & individual past life regression sessions kept us occupied. Home-grown organic food, clean air and a quiet environ added to the bliss factor.

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“Hello All,

Let us all share our experiences of reiki attunement,daily reiki self-healing, changes observed etc through this topic.

Let me start with my own observations

I got attuned to Reiki I on Jan 31st 2009. Before going for the attunement, I did a lot of study and home work regarding reiki.

Finally when the attunement time came I went in with lot of expectations that I am going to experience something unique. Ashwita gave me the level one attunement. I just sat there with my eyes closed and relaxed.

As soon as the attunement process got over, she asked me to open my eyes slowly and asked me if I saw any colors or shapes or if I felt something. But to the contrary I felt nothing nor did I see any colors or shapes during attunement.

She told me that sometimes people do not see or feel anything and there is nothing to worry about. But I was a little apprehensive. I wondered what could be the reason? I started thinking that probably she ended the attunement process prematurely or my body is not receptive to reiki. Inspite of repeated assurances from Ashwita and Nikhil my doubts did not vanish and I was a little worried if it is going to work out.

But as per Nikhil’s advice, I decided to try the self healing for 21 days and see if it works. On the first day I sat for the self healing with a lot of prayers to the Almighty God and completed my self healing process. After that I touched my wife’s hand and asked her if she could feel any heat in my palms. She replied with a big NO. My worries doubled.But still I decided I will do it till the end of 21 days, irrespective of the results.

The third day as soon as I got up early in the morning, I noticed that I had a very good relaxed sleep. I was fresh and bubbling with a lot of energy and enthusiasm. I was wondering how come I am with this much of energy? Then I started beleiving that probably Reiki has started working on me. I got some confidence and felt contended that yes something is happening.

Right from that day I have observed some changes in my behaviour and thinking process. Suddenly the problems I was longing to at work since more than a month started getting solved to my surprise.

During those 21 days, everyday is a unique experience in itself.Some days I feel some current flowing around my fingers and I get tingling sensation. Some times I see a white light appearing for a moment and then vanishing.Sometimes I see a white body spiralling and moving up.

I gave reiki to my cousin. He is allergic to dust and got throat infection. I gave reiki for 2 days, and he was fine. He told me that he got the dust allergy earlier and it never got cured without popping up a pill. My confidence in reiki grew by leaps and bounds.

There were moodswings sometimes and I used to get angry for no reason during those 21 days. I also got some vague dreams of violent nature. Sometimes when I sit with my friends, I start feeling energy passing through my hands. A quick googling told me that when reiki I channels sit with someone who is in need of energy it is automatically drawn by them and hence the feeling of enegy flowing.

I have observed, that during daily self healing now I can feel the heat in my palms and flow of energy around my fingers. One thing I noticed is when I place my palms on my front heart chakra I feel a lot of heat. Probably it is drawing more energy.

I would like to request Ashwita or someone from the group to tell me what does this signify or indicate.”

— Bhaskar Chaganti, Bangalore
Reiki I Channel

Note from Ashwita: The presence of so much heat does indicate that the chakra is drawing a lot of energy. It also probably means that love and relationships are the most important factor for you right now / the field where most work is required right now. I would suggest wearing green clothes if possible, and see if anything changes.

Author of ‘Healing Through Reiki’, Ashwita learned Reiki in 1997, and started teaching it in 2006. She now incorporates other forms of energy healing, as well as hypnotherapy and past life therapy in her work. In her free time, she enjoys cooking, crafts, reading and painting.

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