Full Moon Energy Ritual

Here’s an exercise to release emotional baggage during the full moon.

  • Create a sacred space. Light an oil/ ghee lamp or a candle, maybe a few incense sticks. You could also leave a few flowers floating in a bowl of water. Or you could skip this step altogether, up to you.
  • Hara-center yourself. Bring your energies into the hara region and rest there. Allow yourself to completely calm down. If this seems hard, you can restfully gaze at the flame and allow it to soothe any disturbances in your energy field.
  • Invite the full moon energies in. Imagine that rays of light are streaming from the full moon and entering through your crown, filling your crown, heart and hara. Allow the energies to bathe your back, healing and releasing any suppressed emotions. Imagine these energies then engulfing you in all directions in a protective, loving embrace.
  • Write on a piece of paper everything you would like to release. Remember that this has to be about you. If you mention that others need to change, then this exercise would be useless. Allow any stuck up emotions to loosen up and leave. As you write, try to go deeper with your feelings, asking yourself again and again, what it is you are really feeling underneath this emotion.
  • End it with ‘This is so, Thank you Reiki, Thy will be done’, sign your name and write the date
  • Burn this paper and surrender your wish to the universe. To make this process convenient, I line up a vessel with aluminium foil, smear the paper with some ghee, set it on fire and place it inside.
  • Bring your attention back to yourself, become aware of any empty spaces left behind as a result of the cleansing. Imagine the beam of light from the moon again, and let it come in through your crown chakra, and request the moon to fill all these empty spaces with pure, deep love.

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