Things to do this Full Moon


Full moon is not really a celebration of the moon- it is a celebration of the sun. It is on this day that the moon reflects the maximum possible light that it receives. A full moon represents the divine light that can erase the darkness that is unconsciousness.

This is therefore, a wonderful time to release anything that doesn’t serve you anymore, and everything that you have outgrown.

Also, the sun represents the inner masculine, and the moon, the inner feminine. With the moon reflecting all of the light back at the earth, it is as if the inner masculine and feminine are in complete harmony, supporting and dancing with each other. This makes it a good time to bring in awareness and heal the clashes between the two forces inside ourselves, as well as to heal romantic relationships.

The full moon is a good time to:

Meditate. Meditate on the full moon, sitting out in the open if possible.

Send distant healing. The energies are at their max during this period, and this is the best time to heal anyone who might need your help. Also remember to send distant healing for all those who love you, and to those who you love.

Heal relationships. Flooding those with whom you are having a difficult relationship will be the most effective during this time.

Set intentions to release trauma, baggage, broken relationships, and anything else that might be weighing you down.

Make ghee. Ghee is deeply nourishing for the body, and it’s properties are enhanced when you prepare it during sunrise on a full moon day. Melt unsalted cow’s butter until it is clear and the residue has separated and is starting to brown. If you wish to make essences, candles, pickles or other foods for storage, this is a great time.

Charge your crystals. If you have any crystals, or jewelry with stones, just leave them out to soak up the full moon energy. You could even leave them on your window sill if the jewelry is set in precious metals. Amethyst, aquamarine, moonstone, peridot, white selenite and black tourmaline are best charged under the full moon.

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