Improving Marital Ties

El Beso by Jorge

El Beso by Jorge

Many ladies, on learning Reiki, tell me ‘I want to change my husband. If he changes his behavior a little, our lives will be much smoother and happier.’

And my reply is always the same, ‘We cannot change any body. Think of bringing a change in yourself. How difficult it is! Then how can you change some body else? Also, Reiki is not to be used for playing God. Every individual has the liberty to live life in his/her own way.’

That is the truth. We cannot play God, trying to change some body because WE think that it is good for him/her. But, by changing ourselves, changing our attitude to others, with time we can see definite change in the other person. This is a proven fact.

More over, we can do Reiki to enhance our relationships, as it is directly affecting our lives. As a spouse, there is a lot one can do towards a happy and fulfilling relationship. But it needs patience. The persons with whom we have the maximum karmic debt come to our lives as spouses, which means there is a lot of work needed, over many years. But one can rest assured that in the later years, life is going to be blissful. Here is a technique that is very effective, which you can do once you are a Reiki II channel.

The technique

  • Do a full body Reiki self healing.
  • Declare your left thumb as your spouse and cover it with your right palm. Use the Reiki symbols and pass on Reiki for about ten minutes.
  • At the end, state any intentions that you want, before the attitude of gratitude.
  • Next day, declare the ring finger (which is having the wedding ring) as your spouse and continue as before.
  • Continue like this, doing Reiki on thumb and ring finger on alternate days.
  • Start seeing changes in 21 days and then continue for as long as you like

The thumb is probably one of the most important aspects of our body. It is commonly associated with our physical health, spiritual health, and past lives. The thumb is also considered the center of will-power. By giving Reiki to the thumb, it strengthens our will power to enjoy a congenial relationship and heals the past life relationship with the spouse.

By using the ring finger which has the wedding ring, you can establish a connection with his/her heart and make a loving space there for you.

Dr. Beena Rani Goel learned Reiki in 1997 and it transformed her life. Her desire to share this power of transformation inspired her to build a Reiki community alongside her thriving Dental practice. She has taught thousands of people all over the world. You can buy her book on amazon at