How to Pick a Good Reiki Teacher

The right teacher can unlock many doors on your spiritual pathway

The right teacher can unlock many doors on your spiritual pathway

Reiki is a life changing system. Not only have I witnessed it changing my own life, but also that of many others, and quite radically at that, turning their lives and personalities around so that they’re nearly unrecognizable sometimes. But it all begins with a teacher. Therein lies the key.

Now that Reiki has become such a popular system, and with many masters selling all three levels within a day sometimes, it is easy for absolutely anyone to become a Reiki master. How does one sift through the chaff and locate the good ones?

Ask Reiki for Help

The first step must be to ask Reiki directly for help. This often makes the process much easier, and sometimes people even find the teacher’s photograph or website popping up some time in the next couple of days. To ask Reiki for help, hold the desire to learn Reiki in your heart, just before you go to bed. This can be done sitting in bed, just before you lie down. Request Reiki to guide you to the best teacher for you, someone who can be a guide and also help you grow spiritually. Do this every night until you have found the teacher.

The First Contact

I always encourage those who are looking for a Reiki teacher, to connect with the teacher and see what that feels like. If you are looking through a list, see if you feel drawn to anyone particular. If not, look through the profiles and see which one looks the most interesting, and then call them. Usually, with a good teacher, one is likely to feel peaceful and calm after the conversation. Observe carefully how the teacher answers your questions, as that gives you a clue whether the teacher is concerned with the questions in your mind.

Things to look out for

A good website should give you the answers to most of the following questions, but if not, you can clarify this information when you converse with the teacher over phone or email.

How many people in the class? Some people believe that a personal class is the best option, but in my experience, nothing is better than a small group. This gives space for questions and doubts, which help to deepen the understanding, and yet doesn’t have the disadvantage of a big group – the lack of personal attention. 5 to 15 in a good number of participants.

What is the duration of the class? Traditionally, Reiki level 1 takes two full days. This is hardly the case anymore though, because most people don’t have that much time to spare. Most teachers today spend a whole day to teach level 1 in a group, and maybe 3-5 hours if it is a personal session.

Are the levels being clubbed? Many teachers today teach level 1 and 2 together. I have till date been unable to understand the logic behind this, because even after learning both levels, the aura of the participant is no different from the aura of a Level 1 healer. You are unnecessarily paying for more than you will get, and chances are that the teacher is either inexperienced or prioritizes money over quality.

Years of experience: How many years of experience does the teacher have? How many years did the teacher practice before becoming a teacher?

Online or in person? Online classes are very popular these days, and why not – who wouldn’t like to learn from the comfort of their home? While I also teach online when need be, I have observed that learning in person is always better, and if there is an opportunity, should be availed.

What is the support system like? Most of the people who contact me, are those who are unable to clarify their doubts from their own teacher. This is very unfortunate, and it is important to check before you learn Reiki, if your teacher is easily accessible over phone and email.

You get the teacher you need: Trust him/ her

Ultimately, you get the teacher based on where you stand today, spiritually. Ultimately, it is about the connection one experiences with one’s teacher – and it is impossible to connect with a great teacher if you haven’t gotten to the right stage yet. Do as much research as your heart warrants, before the class, but surrender and trust the teacher once you are in the class – it is impossible to pour anything into a cup that is already full, so go to the class with an open mind.

No substitute for daily practice

On a closing note, remember that there is no substitute for daily practice. A minimum of 30 minutes of Reiki practice per day will change your life, with or without a good teacher. And a lack of a steady practice will definitely prevent you from gaining the full benefit of having found a great one.

Author of ‘Healing Through Reiki’, Ashwita learned Reiki in 1997, and started teaching it in 2006. She now incorporates other forms of energy healing, as well as hypnotherapy and past life therapy in her work. In her free time, she enjoys cooking, crafts, reading and painting.

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