Reiki: Rules or no Rules?

On a Reiki forum on Facebook ‎Carl Karlowski, a Reiki master who makes things interesting by asking thought provoking questions, asked this recently.

Thought question: Three different light workers all very excellent at what they do. What important quality do they have in common?

1. Technical. Loves the rules and traditional methodology as a way of becoming one with Reiki. Becomes automatic like driving a car.

2. No rules, just does it from the heart.

3. Never had an attunment nor is one needed. Still the same Universal Healing Energy called Reiki by Usui. The hands just turn hot without thinking about it and puts them on who triggered it.

I loved the question, and the answer to it was easy.

What do they have in common? Reiki of course :) 
One lake is formed from the spring inside, a nearby river starts from another spring and flows freely, yet another pond is formed purely from rainwater, what do they have in common? Water of course!

It IS important to remember that no ecosystem is always perfect – just like no Reiki channel is perfect – everyone can rise and fall, and on some occasions ‘have a fish die because of too much moss’. But if the water is there – if the practice is there, all sorts itself out eventually

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