Healing the Past with Reiki

Time and space are constructs of the mind

Time and space are constructs of the mind

Being in the present has become a very popular spiritual concept today. Most people today know that if we spend our moments in the past or future, we miss out on the essence of life.

But, what is it that keeps us lost in the past or future? If we explore this question, we can explore ways of healing it.

Can we really heal the past?

The most common question I receive is whether it is possible to heal the past. The future – yes, maybe that can change, but the past? How can we change that, hasn’t it already happened?

Past and future do not really exist – they are mental constructs. Healing the mind, therefore, automatically heals the past and future too.

The past can be changed, through the way it is perceived. Now imagine this. Suppose a man left his wife in a fit of rage, never to return. Maybe the wife lived the rest of her life in rejection and regret. Due to some incident, if she now finds out that her husband was on his way home after cooling off, but met with an accident and died – this changes not her past, but her perception of it. Suddenly everything is different now, and the anger and pain is all gone – although possibly replaced with a different pain in this case. This example was merely to illustrate that it is possible to change our perceptions of the past. When we heal, we gently eliminate the triggers that bring us pain.

Healing the Past

Reiki heals the past and present automatically when we practice our self-healing everyday. This is the most important aspect of healing, and cannot be overstated. A minimum of 30 minutes of healing is required everyday, to facilitate long term healing.

To heal specific incidents in the past,

  • Replay the event in your mind
  • Allow yourself to feel the emotions the incident is bringing up
  • Once the emotions are intense, start the practice of Reiki, and request it to heal the incident and all your reactions to it, completely. If you have learned level 2, you can imagine the symbols on the visual image of the incident as well.

It is important not to have an agenda during the healing. Just channel Reiki so that your system has all the energy it needs, to do what it needs to do. Wanting to heal the past with the intent to remove the pain it causes, or to change a particular reaction is a natural desire, but will prevent the energy from going where it needs to go. I like to mentally say to Reiki at this point, ‘do what you need to do, go where you need to go’, to remind myself that the energy knows best.

The past is best healed when it comes up in the present. For example, suppose a man is at risk of losing his job, and this is bringing up fears of poverty from his childhood. This is the most powerful time to facilitate this healing.

 A few things to bear in mind

Sometimes during this process, one finds that the mind is blank, or the emotions are very feeble when the situation is imagined. This can happen only in two scenarios – one, the situation is healed, or two, there is a block. So if you know that there is a problem but there seem to be no emotions associated with it, it is clear you need to go deeper. Every night when you go to sleep, request your subconscious mind to bring up the root cause of the problem and help you resolve it. Every few days, try the above process again, and see if you feel anything.

I would add a warning if you are going to try the above process though, as forcing healing of suppressed issues can sometimes cause a flood of emotions and make life quite hard for a few days or weeks. If you have important events coming up in life, please postpone such healing until after it is over. If possible, it is best to bring about such healing when we know that we will have time to rest and recuperate if things get intense.

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Author of ‘Healing Through Reiki’, Ashwita learned Reiki in 1997, and started teaching it in 2006. She now incorporates other forms of energy healing, as well as hypnotherapy and past life therapy in her work. In her free time, she enjoys cooking, crafts, reading and painting.

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