Q&A: Self Love

These questions came up from different people after a meditation on love, where everyone was asked to simply remember what love felt like and to allow that feeling to spread to every cell of their body.

Can I share my experience of yesterday’s meditation on love?? I realised that I m quite incapable of love. What I think love is actually my vested interest. It’s kind of give and take relationship, be all kind of relationships n not only romantic. My pure love may be which I used to experience during my teen has been diluted with demands, pressure,expectations and responsibilities. Now I feel so hollow. Is it weird??

Hollow is a good thing ❤ don’t judge anything, just witness it and let it be. Nothing is ever permanent, not even the presence of absence of love, anger, fear, or anything else. Just be dedicated to your current inner truth and ‘be’ with it.

And no, it is not weird at all.

This was my first time doing a meditation on love. I felt very dense heavy energies in my upper chest and later it started hurting as well. I couldn’t progress beyond 15 min.

This is natural when you are blocking love out. We’re programmed so much to live with fear that much of what we call love is also nothing but a sophisticated presentation of fear itself. It is only when we meditate on love that this illusion starts to become apparent. Please continue doing this meditation everyday for a couple of weeks, I believe it should help you quite a bit.

I was looking love as the emotional support, which I m not getting. And I don’t remember any one loving me that much right from childhood. I also realised that I myself am not giving love to anybody then how can I be receiving.  I think I should start giving love. Totally in confusion, tears roll down I think some part of this is healed. Don’t know.

You can only give what you have – charity begins at home, and so does love. Start with being loving towards yourself.

Ask yourself what makes you feel loved?

Does it mean someone else being kind to you? Then be kind to yourself.
Does it mean someone preparing your favourite dish? Then cook for yourself.
Does it mean someone listening to you when you’re upset? Then listen to yourself deeply.
Give yourself time to relax, whether that relaxation means a happy walk in the garden, a quiet cup of chai, going for a drive by yourself, getting regular massages/ spa treatments, or even maybe just spending a couple of hours watching tv if that is what you enjoy.
Get your priorities right, and when things get too taxing, drop the one that seem important but really aren’t.

Be your biggest lover. Then love will flow naturally.

Anything we can do through Reiki to facilitate this process?

Most of us struggle with self- love, women even more so. Healing with right hand on the Sacral Chakra and left on the Heart Chakra and drawing SHK on the heart for 15 min (or if you are level 1, meditate on the heart imagining an expanding green sun as you inhale and slightly contracting as you exhale) can bring about deep shifts internally and change the way you respond to other people – not just to their actions but also to your perceived lack of love in their actions.

Meditating on the back heart and sacral chakra in the same way (but placing the hands in the front) can also be done after doing the above for a while, and will take your healing and connection with love much deeper.

Author of ‘Healing Through Reiki’, Ashwita learned Reiki in 1997, and started teaching it in 2006. She now incorporates other forms of energy healing, as well as hypnotherapy and past life therapy in her work. In her free time, she enjoys cooking, crafts, reading and painting.

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